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"I have transcribed a large group of family letters which date from about 1825 to about 1910, with a few later letters up to about 1965. The letters are mostly between family & friends in VA and IN. The early letters (to about 1840) are between family members in Clinton Co. & Tippecanoe Co., IN and relatives they left behind in Loudoun Co., VA.

There are a group of Civil War letters written from a soldier to his family in Clinton Co., IN. And then there are another large group written by the nieces of my husband's great-great grandmother to their aunt. The nieces are in Tippecanoe Co.; the aunt in Clinton Co. These date from about 1880 to 1890, if I remember correctly.

In addition, I have been collecting & transcribing wills, court papers, land records, etc. that relate to these families."

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