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Genealogy Is......
Genealogy is rewarding because it yields immediate results no matter at what level you choose to become involved, from the filling out of a simple family pedigree chart, to the writing of a family history. It is guaranteed to draw you closer to your relatives, give you a greater appreciation for the history of America and the part your ancestor played in it, and provide you with a sense of belonging in this often hectic and rootless society in which we live...  
Genealogy also teaches us that while war, fashions, custom, and even governments change, some things are eternal - love, pride in children, devotion to country, sadness at the death of a loved one, and joy at the success of a crop or a new job. Through genealogy, we are connected very powerfully to the past, and also to the future."
"Ties That Bind", an article by Sharon Hatfield (Country Living, Mar 1991)


Ancestor Archive Archived vintage photos and yearbooks for your genealogy research.

Pearl Harbor Casualty List December 7, 1941

The Virtual Wall a digital/interactive website commemorating those who gave their lives in Viet Nam.

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RIP  Ever wonder what those initials actually mean? Yeah, I know, Rest in Peace. But no, there is a bit more to it. RIP means: Requiescat In Pace (May he rest in peace)

  • Treasure Maps-the How-To Genealogy WWW Site is THE very first place to start your bones hunting. This site is a tutorial on genealogy; the how-to stuff, wheres and whys, etc.
  • Family History - How do I Begin is the LDS's answer to that age old question. A great place to start from. 12-04-98
  • Next, you might need to write to various places, but don't know the here are resource books at your service:
    1. The Genealogist's Address Book - 2. The Genealogist's Companion & Source Book - 3. The Handybook for Genealogists - 4. Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry
    Send Susan a request for something from these books. (There are NO Surnames listed in these books, only resources!)

  • CASE Clearing House --- a 1 name study homepage. Leave a query, URL, etc...this site has scanned wills, probate records, and extractions for CASE names from various CDs. Queries are here, and Bits & Pieces and other good stuff.
  • Part 1. Genealogy CDs Available for Lookups. This site has the link to THE list of available Genealogical CDs (GRS & FTM) owned by rooters ( email addresses included) willing to do surname lookups. Please keep the request to a low roar, so as not to overwhelm the owners.
  • Part 2. WFT Genealogy CDs Available for Lookups. is the World Family Tree list owned by rooters ( email addresses included) willing to do surname lookups. Please keep the request to a low roar, so as not to overwhelm the owners.
  • Family Genealogies Homepages. This site has links to individual homepages that other Rooters have created for their family histories. A good source for researching specific surnames, and also other genealogy links.
  • Privately Published/Owned Genealogical Information. This site is being offered by individual users who possess private publications, papers, etc., and are willing to check their documents for surname queries by other users. Please direct any queries to the submitters via email.
  • Andersonville - Civil War Prison, officially known as Camp Sumter, has a list of prisoners, and photos of stones and other things.
  • Document Preservation tells you how to preserve those papers.
    Yellow and crumbling newspaper clippings can be preserved using this technique suggested by the National Archives and reported in an edition of "Tree Climber".

    Mix 2 teaspoons of magnesium carbonate and a quart of club soda in a large plastic dish. Sandwich the clippings between 2 pieces of screen or Pellon (sold in fabric stores) and soak for 30 minutes. Mop excess water with blotting paper and allow to dry overnight on more blotting paper. Then store clippings in a well-sealed flat plastic bag. They should last forever.

    Another method to preserve new newspaper clippings: Mix one quart club soda with two tablespoons Milk Of Magnesia, and refrigerate for eight hours before using. Pour the solution into a shallow pan; submerge the clippings, one at a time (try placing pellon or net between each clipping for ease of removal), and let soak for one hour. Carefully remove each newspaper article, and place it on several layers of white paper towel to absorb any excess moisture. Then move it to a clean, flat surface to dry completely. You could use a weight to keep the clipping flat, if you laid the weight on top of a paper towel that covers the clipping..

  • Civil War Battles by Both Names Was it Manassas, or was it Bull Run? Depends.....check this cross-reference out to see.
  • Poetry & Prose. Genealogical poetry and prose, some thought-provoking, some humorous. "23rd Psalm for Genealogists"; "Poem for the Living", are a few of the items listed here.
  • Old Time Job Descriptions is a site with old occupations and the description of them.
  • Epidemics will help you understand why your family moved.
  • Old Time Medical Terms is a list of old medical terms with modern meanings.
  • is a genealogy BBS.Take a look.
  • - Your Internet Genealogy Guide 10-24-99
  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet has over 46,250 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 120 categories
  • GENEALOGY GATEWAYTM TO THE WEB Genealogy & History Resource Listings. A good site to browse!
  • CPROOTS Genealogy Resource Center is a 'one stop genealogy shopping center' with links to a lot of resources.
  • Journey to My Genealogy Links has a lot of good links on this page
  • 03-20-99

  • Library and Archives Resources is a specific educational, library and archives resources site that deals directly with UCDavis, Shields Library, the Sacramento Regional Community and extended UC systemwide Internet connections. 06-28-98
    KY Vital Records are on-line and can be searched! Death records are from 1911-1986 and 1987-1992 and Marriage/Divorce records are from 1973-1993. Indiana State Archives is online. Land Office Databases for 2 out of 6 offices are offered here. A map of the Tippicanoe Battlefield is also offered. There are more things to look at too. Madison County, Iowa Marriage Records. A searchable database. Upsala, Minnesota Cemetery Index, compiled by John Stafney, is a good site to search for surnames.
    Wisconsin Land Records -- Interactive Search is an interface to the Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents from the Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office (GLO) Automated Records Project. Take a look! Pioneers in Kansas can be searched via a compilation of pioneers in Kansas that genealogists have researched and submitted data for public use. Kansas Pioneers List. Hood County, Texas has an online database with tons of records available for searching. Tax Records, Birth Records, Gov't Records just to name a few. The MASTER LIST of BURIALS (Texas State Cememtery) has a database of names of those interred in this cemetery.
    CIMO - Cimorelli Immigration Manifests Online This is an online collection of databases comprised of the Morton Allan Directory, M1066 Microfilm series from NARA, various newspaper articles, Internet sources, and personal contributions 11-16-98 ROOTS-L Resources Page. Roots Surname List and Roots Surname Location are available for on-line searching here, in addition to other offerings such as Mail Lists! On-line Immigrant Ancestor Register Index Ancestry Home Town has early VA , PA, MA, CONN marriages; Biographies, etc. Social Security Death Index is here also.
    Family Finder Index (FTM World Family Tree) is the site to search for a surname. You might find a submitter listed on the FTM Submitters List at the link below.
    A List of Submitters for FTM World Family Tree can be found on Beth Orsay's homepage.
    GNIS Online Database Query Form is the government's Geographical Names Information System that stays current. USGS/GNIS, Geological/Geographical Survey is a site that contains 1992 data. Still fairly accurate. Searchable Genealogy Links this site has links to tons of searchable sites.
    The Electric Cemetery has a database of Union Soldiers Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK., and Medal of Honors Recipients also. There are other sites in this homepage that pertain to the Civil War and Indian Wars. Tisbury, MA has a searchable database online. This contains Federal Census Indexes, Death records for 1850-1875, and Marriage records for those years. The Valley of the Shadow: Living the Civil War in Virginia and Pennsylvania is a site that *should* be on your bookmark! This site has: Population and Agriculture Censuses - Tax Digests - Slave Owners - Free Blacks - Military Rosters to name a few of the actual records that can be searched. Very interesting reading! Global Gazetteer is a directory of 3397140 of the world's cities and towns, sorted by country and linked to a map for each town.
    The RHONE Family of Fayette County, Texas is a page with some pictures of the Rhone family. FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History Societies) is the largest East European web site on the Net. This site has 20+ searchable databases plus 9+ Megs of maps! Illinois Civil War Veterans is a searchable database of the veterans from Illinois. Alton Federal Military Prison house Civil war prisoners from 1862-1865, and has a database of the soldiers.
    Marathon County, WI. Marriage Index, 1852-1883 is an index of 1,665 marriages which appear in the first three official books of the Marathon County Register of Deeds office, Marathon County Court House, Wausau, Wisconsin GENERAL GENEALOGY RESEARCH HELP Sites to help you get started in your research. Scots Origins is a database of over 20 million Scottish births, deaths and marriages from 1553 to 1897 Hillsborough County, Florida, Marriage Records - Index - 1884
    Ohio Death Index for years 1913-1937. Maine Marriages Online searchable marriages... inGeneas is a Canadian homepage with a free database online for searching, among their other databases. Roots Surname List is a list or registry of 450,00+ surnames and grows daily.
    Social Security Death Index is a Family Tree Maker online search engine for their CD. The Navy Log Online, the only publicly accessible register of the names and service information of naval service personnel, has been compiled and submitted by the individuals themselves without independent verification by the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Genealogical Death Indexing System, Michigan from the Michigan Department of Community Health  

  • United States Vital Records Information tells where to obtain vital records for every state, county and territory in the United States.
  • Broderbund's Genealogy CDs and Family Tree Maker Program site has more than just these to view and purchase. Check it out!
  • CD ROM Census Records by Blue Roses Publishing Company - Entire U.S. Census including Native Americans and Military.
  • The Gregath Publishing Company Genealogy, history and biographies are their specialty. A full service printer - publisher of hard and soft bound books - newsletters - quarterlies - booklets, among other services. 06-28-98

  • Census Online is going to be an awesome site as time goes by. 09-24-99
  • Trafford Publishing. This site is an `on-demand' publishing company. They publish small orders, reprints, etc. Worth looking at.
  • Iberian Publishing Company specializes in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina County Records (marriages, births, deaths, wills, deeds, gaurdian bonds, census records, court records, etc.) and also has links to other genealogy homepages
  • Madigan's Books is a mail order book business that deals only in books of genealogical interest. 8-08-97
  • WANTED!Walworth County (WI) Genealogical Society is collecting Bible records (only photocopies - legible! otherwise include writtten legible facsimile) for future publication. These records need to pertain to Walworth County, WI. Email Peg if you wish to include your Bible Records.
  • The USA GenWeb ProjectThe United States of America GenWeb pages are here.
  • Obtaining NATF 80 Forms.
  • Ancestor's Attic has downloadable, printable blank genealogy forms, among other blank forms for genealogy.
  • Grant County, Pendleton County, Harrison County - KY Marriage Records10-25-97

  • How to obtain copies of KY Death Certificates 1911-1945 is a link on this homepage offering copies (from microfilm) for less than the state of KY charges.
  • Kentucky Newspapers can provide personal name and subject indexes from the late 1800s to the mid-1950s. 9-25-98
  • GENEALOGY'S MOST WANTED is a site that allows a user to leave a query (free!) concerning hard to find ancestors! Check this one out!!
    One Name research
    CASE Clearing House mostly the CASE surname, with a few variations on the name. Has scanned wills from John CASE (CT) and others in that line....also has CASE extracts from genealogical CDs listed.
    BATCHELOR / BATCHELDER MARRIAGES are just that...marriages everywhere, of the surnames listed here! 04-12-99
    Bransom/Branson Information Center and other variant spellings. Nice clear page! 04-12-99
    Pinkerton Resource Page a worldwide one name study of the Pinkerton name. 05-04-99
    Standerfer, Etc. Research Site is a one-name study of Standerfer, and its variant spellings. 01-22-99
    FEAZEL FEAZELL FEAZLE FEASEL FEEZEL FEEZLE is about - what else?- Feazel surnames. 10-25-98
    Scott Family History is a site dedicated to bringing all SCOTT researchers together. 09-12-98
    The Clan Galbraith has Galbraiths on the Net; Clan Galbraith Discussion Area, and Clan Galbraith Society
    USSERY/USERY/USRY/URSERY/ESSARY and Associated Families Ussery Research Site.... includes many States and still growing
    Mary's Place -Your BEEBE Connection is a site for just that....Your BEEBE surnames. And all the various spellings of BEEBE are here too. Check this one out!!
    Wilson's Network is a site that wants to be able to list all types of Wilson Genealogical information.
    HOWERTON HERITAGE is a Quarterly Newsletter about the Howerton Family in American. The newsletter is distributed without cost to any Howerton descendant.
    BEVERLY Query Page is a gathering place for researchers of BEVERLY/BEVERELY surnames.
    The Logan Letter is a newsletter and homepage based on Andrew Logan and his descendants. This site has a Surname Index database, among the other LOGAN data.
    O'Kelly the Clanns of Ireland has the O'Kelly history from 874AD-1800.
    Corbin Genealogical Society Indices to Our Heritage. is a good place to search for a surname in the Corbin area of KY. This site also has a family database on SELVAGE/SELVIDGE for searching.
    Phelps Connections Phelps Connections is a not-for-profit family research organization dedicated to expanding knowledge of all branches of the PHELPS surname in the United States and Canada. And this site has links to more great sites!
    SPRAGUE DATABASE The purpose of the Sprague Database, a computerized database currently over 78,000 individuals, is to treat the entire Sprague family as a single entity.
    Dutcher Family conglomeration of Dutcher information .
    The Allsup Update has surnames and newsletter information.

  • NARA Archival Information Locator (NAIL) is an interactive pilot database site containing information for NARA holdings across the USA.
  • Switchboard is a search site for email addresses, personal addresses and phone numbers.
  • Search [WhoWhere? Logo] from this page!! Use your browser's BACK button to return here afterwards.
    Person's Name: in any order

  • Belgium Phonebook has 4 Million names available to search around in.
  • Canada411 is the Canadian telephone directory.
  • World Telephone Directories says it all. 01-05-00
  • The Emigrants from the Waasland ( Flanders, Belgium ) is about Belgium, and finding your roots there. 05-23-98
  • SAMPUBCO Gateway to the Indexes has databases of a few states that documents can be ordered from.
  • German-English Online Dictionary is a great site to translate words from German to English, and vice versa.
  • German Migration Resource Center encourages a worldwide exchange of information about German emigrants and immigrants. Genealogists can also submit or search queries about individuals migrating from Germany in any time period 06-14-99
  • Adoption NetWork Page may contain answers to those questions you have.
  • Luanne Pruesner's Adoption Page has links to a lot of adoption sites.
    If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle.
    If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle.
    If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

  • Books We Own is another site that has a list of resources held by Rooters and other owners for lookups in.
  • Slektsbiblioteket (Norwegian) is an archive of resources owned by norwegian internet users who are willing to look up genealogical information and e-mail or snail mail it to others who request it.
  • Genealogical Societies & Associations is a list of genealogy societies and genealogical associations on the Web. Check it out.
  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG) Check to see if your immigrant ancestors' names are listed on a ship's passenger manifest.
    Match: Format:
  • Guide to information about Immigrant Passenger Ships 11-16-98
  • ODESSA - a German-Russian Genealogical Library has some more ships' passengers listings. 02-11-00
  • Our Lost family in America has a large amount of passenger lists links! 03-13-99
  • Steamship Historical Society of America The society maintains one of the largest libraries in the North America devoted exclusively to the history of engine- powered vessels. Has approximately, 200,000 photographs, from the mid 1800's to present, among other information. 2-09-98
  • If you know the year and the name of the steamship your ancestors came on, you can send a letter with the information, along with $5.00 and get a picture of the boat and any other available history on it. Write to:

    Langsdale Library, Steamship Historical Society of America Collection
    1420 N. Charles St.
    Baltimore, MD 21201-5779
    Phone: 1-410-837-4334.

    LC means letter of credit, which is known as a traveler's letter of credit. It was a certificate of authorization for the bearer to draw upon an account to a certain limit. An immigrant with an LC was very unlikely to become a public charge.

  • Passenger List - Ship ANNE,1623
  • Passenger List - Ship FORTUNE,1621
  • Passenger List - Ship Marianne, 1843
  • Mennonite Passenger List ,1685-1872-1904
  • Ships, Captains, and Passengers Lists is a site that has tables of lists...ships, the captains of the ships, and passengers....immigrants included....and their destinations. 1 USA list available.

  • the Dragon 1749*the Fox 1738*the Molly 1727*the Pennsylvania Merchant 1731*the Samuel 1733*the Thistle of Glasgow 1730 are just a few of the ships' passenger lists on this site.
  • Passenger List - Ship Angel Gabriel, 1635
  • Passengers of the Sarah G. Hyde 1854. Sharon M. Becraft has transcribed the list of passengers on this ship, and will do lookups for any query.
  • Genealogical Researchers for Hire is a list of commercial genealogical researchers.Updated 10-21-97
  • Volunteer Genealogical Researchers (Genealogy Helplist) is a list of people volunteering to do research in other countries, states, etc.
  • Jack Mount's Genealogy Resources is a site with a large of amount of genealogy links. You really should check this site out.
  • Salem Witch Trials 1692- A Chronology of Events documents those who were accused as being witches. Salem Witch Trial Memorial is a site with pictures of the `witches' headstones. Worth looking at.
  • Royal Genealogies is a site brimming with the family lines of THE royality of England.
  • National Genealogy Society is a good site for rooting.
  • Kraig Ruckel's Palantine & Pennsylvania Dutch Home Page is about the title, plus a lot of other links.
  • Lorenzo Dow is about the one and only L. Dow, who had thousands of babies named for him. 10-14-98
  • Southwest Virginia History and Genealogy has family histories, publications and other information here.
  • AN ERA LOST... LEGION VILLE FIRST TRAINING CAMP OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY has transcriptions of the West Point Orderly Books, 1792-1796 among their great links.
  • Some Indiana Genealogy HomePage has information on the following counties: Dearborn, Elkhart, Kosciusko, Marshall, & St. Joseph. This site also has links to other sites.
  • Hoosiers aboard the Sultana While two in three Hoosiers survived, 153 of the 460 on board died in America's worst-ever maritime tragedy. Go see who they were.... 07-08-98

  • KENTUCKY PLACE NAMES is a site that allows a search on places in Kentucky.
  • T Point Cemetery, Clayhole, KY is a transcription, by Daniel P. Downard, of the burials in this eastern KY cemetery.
  • Mother Murphy's Muhlenberg County Genealogy is a good site for Muhlenberg County, KY genealogy searches.
  • Barren, Monroe, Metcalfe, Hart, Cumberland, Green, Warren Counties, KY. If you are looking here for surnames, Ask Sandi! She has vast resources for these counties.
  • Acts of TN 1796-1830:Index to Names has the first 33 volumes of Tennessee Acts online. These are published records of the TN legislation that affect its citizens.
  • Genealogy - Family History Research in Illinois has: The Illinois Ancestor Exchange; Families with Illinois Connections; Swedish Genealogy at Bishop Hill, Illinois, databases among the other sites in this homepage.
  • SJCPL.St. Joseph County (IN) has a lot of Genealogy data available at their library. They seem to have a large collection of newspapers from the surrounding areas!
  • Lancaster County, NE and Fremont County, IO cemetery records/lists can be searched for your surnames, if you will Ask Eva by Email.
  • Genealogy in Texas and Beyond is helpful to almost anyone doing genealogical research in Texas and beyond
  • Books of Remembrance are 6 books full of Canadian War Dead lists...
  • OCFA (Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid) has Zipped databases for cemetery interments in Ontario.
  • Address to obtain microfilm roll# for InterLibraryLoan of the 1871 Ontario Canada census:
  • The Archives of Ontario
    ATTN: Vital Statistic Reference Archivist
    77 Grenville Street
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    M7A 2R9

  • Eastern Townships-Quebec.
  • . A site that is being constructed for searching surnames in the eastern townships of Quebec. Currently, there are surnames in the database that can be searched for.

  • Channel Islands Genealogy (these are islands off the Normandy Coast of France) is a place to start if you are looking for ancestors there.
  • Counties of Leitrim & Roscommon-Ireland has a list of surnames being researched, and the researchers' email addresses. More Irish site links are here too.
  • Nottinghamshire Family History is a link to a page that contains, some, but not all, of the available data that John Mellors holds.
  • UK+Ireland has combined the Devon (UK) Surnames List and the Northumberland/Durham Names sites. There are more sites in this homepage now for searching.
  • UK Genealogy. This page is now being constructed for email help with UK genealogy needs.
  • Australian Genealogy. This homepage is for `Down Under' researching.
  • Australian Whitepages Phone Directory. Residential and business phone numbers can be found in this searchable database.
  • Genealogy Resources on the Net. Good site to browse for information on sites.
  • German Roots: German Genealogy Resources is full of links for resources.
  • WPA Life Histories is a very interesting site for browsing.
  • West's Legal Directory is a searchable database for Legal Offices in any city. County clerks, count courts, etc.
  • Legacy Genealogy Software is a new shareware site...looks to be easy to use! 11-03-97

  • US County Outline Maps is a GREAT place to get maps for counties of the states.
  • MAPS
  • Genealogy Mail Lists. Maybe you can find a group that is just what you need.
  • Everton's Genealogical Helper by Everton Publishers is a site that you will want to take a good look at!
  • You can find a lot of genealogical information in The Genealogy Home Page

  • House of Heritage is devoted to providing personalized surname and coat of arms merchandise to anyone searching for such gifts or products.
  • 01-21-01

  • AncesTree Your Family Tree with Photographs -THE PERFECT GIFT "A TIMELESS TREASURE." 08-11-99
  • Origins is a genealogy book and supply store that offers books , maps, atlases, forms charts, and acid-free preservation products. Take a look!
  • Heritage Books, Inc is a leading publisher of books and CD-ROMs with over 1,000 titles in print.
  • Hearthstone Bookshop specializes in Genealogy and related subjects.
  • River City Image Works for "extremely high quality photo restoration and manipulation at reasonable cost."
  • Just Black & White is a full service custom photographic processing lab, and are specialists at copying and enhancing faded salt and albumen prints as well as daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes or any other types.
  • Louder/Lowder Letter (hardcopy)is a site that has a searcher's newsletter designed to connect researchers through any type of communication.
  • Barbara Green's Used Genealogy Books is a home page devoted to selling books that have valuable genealogy data in them. Created and maintained by Barbara Green.
  • Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (ABAA) is a good site to visit for those hard to find items.
  • Park Genealogical Books specializes in genealogy and local history for Minnesota and surrounding areas.
    Wilkinson Connection for all Wilkinson, Wilkinsen, Wilkenson, Wilkins, Wilkens, etc., etc. researchers. Free queries to members. Send pedigree charts with check. $15.00 per year (4 issues). Submissions of material, stories welcome.
    Cemetery Q's & A's newsletter. Quarterly. $20.00. All topics relating to cemeteries, death, funerals, mourning, laws, burial sites, traditions, books, on-line info, etc., etc. Free queries to members. Submissions of stories, articles found and other items welcome. Send SASE if requesting info.
    SNAIL MAIL: Peggy Rockwell Gleich, PO Box 8003, Janesville WI 53547-8003
    Hanks Historical Review is a surname newsletter all about the historic Hanks family, who originated from the medieval town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England and came to the U.S. in the 1600's. (maternal ancestors of Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln).
    The newsletter consists of articles, stories, charts, photos, etc. which are contributed by subscribers and other interested parties all over the U.S., Canada, England and Hawaii.
    Hanks Historical Review was started in May of 1991. They publish three issues a year, Jan., May, and Sept. Subscription rate is $10.00 yr. Question and Queries are free to subscribers. For a complimentary issue plus a detailed list of back issues,
    Email your name and address to Barbara. Or you can write to Hanks Historical Review, P.O. Box 191, Monroe, OH 45050.
    The Caswell Clan Newsletter is a semi-annual letter for descendents of any Caswell Line. Initially begun as a correspondence tool for the descendents of Gilbert & Polly EGGLESTON Caswell, it has been expanded to other family lines. Any contributions or queries welcome.
    Email Eva for more information- or send snail mail to: The Caswell Clan Newsletter, 4125 B Street, Lincoln, NE 68510
    Tennessee Marriage Records and On-line genealogy can be found by dialing up a Bulletin Board called "The Instant Relatives Bulletin Board System" at this phone number: 801-466-5374. They also have other sources available. There is no charge for this BBS. I haven't tried this BBS so I can't say what it is or how good it is.

    Download Genealogy Detective-2000 and Discover the EASY, FUN WAY
    To Create Your Family Tree - "Latest And Best In Genealogy Research Tools"
    -Guaranteed- Get Genealogy Detective Here

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